The next revolutionary Filipino vehicle.
KATHA award-winning for best design.

Past. Present. Future.

Heritage Filipino design.

Contemporary technology.

A brand new riding experience.

Past Present Future 1 Past Present Future 2

Premium Experience

The Siklesa is spacious, seating up to 6-8 people, and offers a 360 degree panoramic view for a wonderful, breezy ride.

Feature 2

In Action

With a comfortable cruising speed of 40 km/hr and up to 80 km/hr, Siklesa is perfect for both leisurely and speedy strolls.

Smooth Ride

Whether cruising, turning, or going in reverse, Siklesa manoeuvres on difficult roads efficiently giving you a more steady journey.

Feature 2


Inspired by heritage Philippine design, but with contemporary technology added in, the vision for the Siklesa was to combine these two elements to create a vehicle for the future.

Take A Ride

The journey makes the destination.


The Siklesa is available for purchase or rent, and is fully customizable design-wise to your needs. Contact us here and let’s go places.